AWANA promotes micro-entrepreneurs and women weavers to develop the concept of "social business" that can benefit the company and the community.

In this sense, we identified women weavers and association leaders in Puno, Arequipa, Huancayo and Lima to develop small collections of accessories in alpaca fiber. AWANA designs the accessories and develop the idea with the women weavers. Once the prototypes are made and after some modifications, we can create collections of garments by handmade.

The main idea is that everyone gets fair benefits of these business practices that can be a success if it manages to have designs with fashion trends and quality products for the local and international market.


  • Create an innovative business proposals with quality products that can inspired in our cultural identity, which is our biggest advantage in the global market.
  • Propose to the European market and specially in Switzerland the art and work of distinguished textile artists and women who mix traditional techniques with fashion designs and trends that can compete in the international market.
  • Commercially mobilize women's weaving groups proposing designs to make collections of hand-woven in alpaca fiber.



AWANA Alpaca promotes handwoven and loom accessories, made from sheep wool bywomen and men weavers residing in the Huaylas district, Ancash Department, Peru.

This “Rustic” collection that we are going to develop and promote locally and in Lima in a first stage, we will integrate into our brand with the name of AWANA WOOL.

AWANA WOOL is born because we seek to reinforce the ancient practices of spinning and handmade techniques in sheep wool, which has been dying out and has been displaced by the ease of textiles made of acrylic and synthetic fibers

Doña María López, is a 90 year old spinning woman from Huaylas who continues to spin sheep wool with her PIRHUA and RUECA, a custom that is disappearing in Huaylas.

With AWANA WOOL we want to value HANDMADE work and manual looms, with sheep wool and natural dyes from plants and seeds that grow in the region.



We are committed to the development and strengthening of the capacities of women weavers, and together with ESCUELA FORMACION CONTINUA, learning activities will be promoted, as well as training courses and workshops.